Cigar Girls Cigar Waitress Las Vegas

Cigar servers go great with a cigar roller for events especially thos events in large convention centers or when a cigar feature is presented at one of the larger hotesl on the Strip.

Custom artwork is also designed on your cigar bandsand broguht to your guests with a cigar server that is knowledgeable and makes for a creat visual at the affair.

The cigar server and the custom cigars work best for weddings and corporate events. The designs for hte weddings are all uniquely created with your own graphics designer working on Photoshopt to not only create a quniue feel for teh cigar label but we event go as far as matching teh color of the Bride'smaids dress color, and Brides love that kind of detail.

Cigar servers are also known as Cigar Girls and lend an extra classy effect to events so inquire for your next Big Day.


Vegas Cigar Roller contact
Vegas Cigar Roller contact