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Cigar rollers have been popular in Las Vegas since we launched the brand and the service of cigar catering back in 2004. A cigar roller is now a staple and a must for upscale Las Vegas weddings, golf outings and corporate trade shows.

Being that we have in-house event planners, we also are specialists with very large guest counts making CF Dominicana cigar rollers a successful feature for many of the conventions going on throughout the year at the Las Vegas convention center.

What makes Las Vegas especially great for a cigar rolling demonstration is the fact that we can have multiple cigar rollers throughout the country fly into McCarran airport which is so close to most of the premier event spots along the strip and outer areas like Henderson and Summerlin.

The cigars, of course, are all imported from the Dominican Republic and none of them are made in Nevada rather, your guess we'll enjoy premium cigars with top cheer quality using Connecticut shade wrapper leaf and Dominican filler. Your cigar roller demonstration gives an experience to guests and Vegas makes the perfect backdrop for the spectacle.

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For your next corporate event, call us so we can give you the best ways to make a cigar rolling demonstration impress your guests.

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Salt Lake Cigar Roller Events