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The construction of the cigar for guests is the same level of quality found on store shelves. All of the cigar rollers throughout Las Vegas roll the CF Dominicana premium imported brand of cigars exclusively.

The cigars are all imported and the cigar rollers for events are knowledgeable, presentable, have great presentation skills, look good and of course, can roll cigars. The presentation is crucial as we understand that we represent your company and the decisions it makes reflects on the corporate image.

Cigars, cigar labels, cigar rollers, and cigar servers are all brought together with custom packages that make certain that each one of your guests enjoys a memory that will last long after the affair is over.


The cigars for all of the events in Las Vegas are imported from the Dominican Republic as a premium brand should be. The cigars from CF Dominicana cigars boast both Maduro and Connecticut shade leaf in varying links and ring gauges.

Dominican filler makes up the bulk of the cigar's construction while the binder from Ecuador and the Connecticut shade wrapper leaf finish off this cigar to make it a perfect Combination to create the mild to medium bodied tastes most cigar smokers love.

The cigars listed here are all 50 ring gauge so the custom cigar bands that will be designed and attached to the cigars are visible. A wide ring gauge can accommodate your custom artwork. 50 ring gauges the most popular although 54 and larger gauges on up to 62 bravo gauges are available for you or them.

Matching the best cigar for your event is also something that we will consult with you if you do not know how to pair properly. Typically a shorter a milder cigar like the Soho Robusto would be the right fit for most events in Vegas as the guest list is often transient constantly flowing and made up of corporate and trade show attendees. In other words, the cigars are giveaways so it's best to match the economy of giving away cigars with the venue and the scenario that the cigars are being consumed.

Another instance are golf outings where cigar rollers are requested. With golf events, the longer Churchill cigars like the Tribeca and the Chelsea make the best fit as they are 7 inches long and will last 45 minutes to an hour. Most golfers have this kind of time on the course so it's the perfect opportunity for Churchill cigars. These cigars along with a cigar roller make the best fit for your corporate golf outing or member-guest tournament.

Whether it be a wedding, corporate event, trade show or upscale VIP event in a nightclub on the Strip, simply contact us and we will make a suggested quote just for your special occasion.

Simply submit the contact form and we will have a quote for you in 30 minutes or less. NOTE: Weekends typically have active events in Vegas so quotes may not be available until the next business day.

*Models shown are our most popular, all sizes are available - we are the manufacturer.

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